A short film about a dog who finds himself on the kitchen counter. 

Roles: Shot, edited, wrote

Music by: Benjamin Tissot


A short film where a banana is put into a microwave and out pops a monkey.

Roles: Shot, edited, and wrote.

Dog Sitter

A job profile about a dog sitter in which he discusses his day to day tasks with the dog.

Roles: Shot and edited

Sik Hoopz

A mockumentary about two basketball players breaking down their game.

Roles: Shot, edited, and wrote.

Music by Mobb Deep – Give Up the Goods (Just Step) (Instrumental)

Daily Norman Doors

A Norman’s Door is an object or device that is poorly designed, yet we still continue to use to this day. This happens when the designer is not thinking about the user, and instead values the looks over the usability.

This was made for my final Capstone Project.

Writer/Director/Cameraman/Actor/Editor: Will McLeod

Highlight Reel

This video was designed for social media, to showcase the Park Foundation of Clark County and their many events and parks that have been improved through the use of montage. 

I was part of the content team, handled/helped with the creation and editing of three videos used on the updated site. 

This was made for Parks for Clark: A Digital Reimaging, 2020

Writer/Director/Cameraman/Editor: Will McLeod